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is (International School) is supported by leading organisations who supply goods and services to the international school sector. We thank them all for their support over the last 15 years. Their backing has helped is become the pre-eminent publication serving the world's 3000+ international schools.


3P Learning


3P Learning

3P Learning provide award-winning, digital learning resources for maths and literacy.

Mathletics is an essential digital resource used by more than 20,000 schools across the world. It is proven to increase levels of pupil engagement, confidence and motivation and improve results in maths. Mathletics contains thousands of activities aligned to the full UK curricula, along with IB (PYP and MYP), IPC, iGCSE, Common Core and Aero curricula. There are courses, eBooks, fun maths games and videos to develop mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills. Mathletics also offers in-built assessment and diagnostic reporting tools for teachers and can be accessed on PCs and tablet devices. Click here for more information or to register for a free demonstration of Mathletics.

Spellodrome is an engaging digital resource that helps children to develop their spelling, writing and communication skills. It offers pre-populated curriculum-aligned word lists for KS1 and KS2 and word lists that can be customised from more than 10,000 words, to your own specific needs. Spellodrome also contains an extensive collection of worksheets; focusing on spelling, grammar and punctuation. There are also fun and engaging activities based on your word lists, tools to develop writing skills and online standard benchmarking tests.

Reading Eggs is a powerful digital resource for literacy, designed to help teach children how to read and develop a love of reading. With 120 phonics and 200 comprehension lessons, 2,000 eBooks with comprehension tests, creative writing areas, a teacher toolkit with lesson plans, comprehensive reporting and ‘big books’, plus online spelling, punctuation and grammar games. Reading Eggs provides everything needed to raise the profile of reading and nurture high literacy standards.

For more information or to register for a free demonstration, please visit www.3plearning.com
+44 (0)117 370 1990



Aarhus BSS


Aarhus BSS

Start your business studies in Denmark

Aarhus BSS (Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences) is part of Aarhus University (AU) which was founded in 1928. AU is an internationally acclaimed university, which ranks among the top 100 universities in the world according to several international ranking institutions.
In eastern Jutland situated in beautiful surroundings close to forests and sandy beaches you will find Aarhus. With a population of about 300.000, it is the second largest city in Denmark. A big portion of the inhabitants are students making Aarhus the youngest city in Denmark.
Aarhus BSS offers a wide range of degree programmes within the fields of economics, business, engineering, political science and communication at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level.

MA Corporate Communication
MSc Economics and Management                                                                                                                           
MSc Quantitative Economics
MSc in Engineering in Technology Based Business Development 

Contact details
Aarhus BSS Taasingegade 3, Building 1443
8000 Aarhus C
Web: www.bss.au.dk/en
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BSSStudentToStudent/
Email: bss@au.dk






Our Organization
AdvancED® is the largest Pre-K-12 global accreditation and school improvement organization in the world, headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA. We serve as a trusted partner to 34,000 schools and school systems—employing more than four million educators and enrolling more than 20 million students—across more than 70 countries.

Our Commitment to Learners Around the Globe
AdvancED is committed to creating a world of opportunities for every learner. We’re proud of the partnership in education that we have forged with institutions around the globe. In an effort to further support schools and school systems globally, we established our international headquarters in Europe in 2015. The AdvancED International Office is now located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and is integral to AdvancED providing personalized service to institutions in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Our Commitment to the Education Community
The AdvancED mission is to lead and empower the education community to ensure that all learners realize their full potential. We accomplish this through a powerful combination of research and innovation, policy and advocacy, technology and accreditation all working in concert to drive continuous improvement.
We provide schools with the tools and resources necessary to support and propel them on a journey of continuous improvement. AdvancED network institutions distinguish themselves by leveraging specialized reviews to emphasize their accreditation, STEM, Early Learning, Diagnostic and Learning School certifications. We also provide training, inspiration and networking opportunities to all education providers through professional development conferences, workshops and webinars.

Our Powerful AdvancED Network*

34,000 total schools
20 million students worldwide
72 countries
900 international schools
700,000 international students
200 U.S. Department of Defense schools
84,083 U.S. Department of Defense students

*Approximation as of October 2016.

Our Contact Information
Anna Pehar, Vice President, Europe



International Baccalaureate


Become an IB Examiner!
International Baccalaureate® (IB)

Quality education for a better world

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) is a non-profit educational foundation, motivated by its mission, focused on the student. We offer high quality programmes of international education to a worldwide community of schools. Our four programmes for students aged 3 to 19 help develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world.

IB Examiners

Examiners are appointed to mark externally-assessed work or to moderate internally-assessed components (reviewing teachers' original marking). Candidates' work is assessed against prescribed and well-defined criteria or mark schemes.

The role of examiner is highly valued and the IB places emphasis on the professional integrity of individuals in examining positions. Acting as an IB examiner provides an international educational experience, encompassing unique professional development opportunities and an insight into the assessment process.

If you would like to enhance your teaching experience and subject knowledge, we invite you to become an IB Examiner. We accept applications throughout the year for most of our subjects. Our focus areas for the May 2020 session are published on examiner recruitment section of the IB website at ibo.org/examiners.

To give you an overview of the recruitment process, we have mapped out the path for becoming an IB Examiner. Please take a look at our infographic.

Benefits of becoming an IB Examiner

Marking and moderating takes place via our online system from the convenience of your home. Most of marking starts within two weeks after the exam and is completed three weeks later.

For more information, please visit ibo.org/examiners

Should you have any questions, please email us at examiners@ibo.org



Cambridge University Press


Cambridge International Examinations

Cambridge International Examinations prepares school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. We are part of Cambridge Assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge.

Our international qualifications are recognised by the world’s best universities and employers, giving students a wide range of options in their education and career. As a not-for-profit organisation, we devote our resources to delivering high-quality educational programmes that can unlock learners' potential.

Our programmes and qualifications set the global standard for international education. They are created by subject experts, rooted in academic rigour and reflect the latest educational research. They provide a strong platform for learners to progress from one stage to the next, and are well supported by teaching and learning resources.

Every year, nearly a million Cambridge learners from 10,000 schools in 160 countries prepare for their future with an international education from Cambridge.

Web: www.cie.org.uk
Email: info@cie.org.uk



Cambridge University Press


Cambridge University Press

We at Cambridge University Press International Education are driven by a simple imperative: to work alongside educators and learners to provide individuals with accessible, inspirational learning resources that lead them to a lifetime of achievement. We are proud to share the gold-standard tradition and contemporary relevance of the University of Cambridge. For us, academic rigour, innovative thinking and leading edge practices are crucial aspects of delivering the excellent, fully-rounded education that the 21st century learner demands.

Cambridge University Press is a world leading international education publisher, providing educational materials, resources and services to teachers and learners, from ages 3-19, in over 160 countries.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and follow the core values of the University of Cambridge, ensuring all of our publishing reflects the Cambridge standards around encouraging and supporting critical thinking, thinking skills, problem-solving and creativity.

Visit: http://www.cambridge.org/gb/education to find out more.





About Cognia

Cognia offers accreditation and certification, assessment, professional services and consulting within a framework of continuous improvement. The result of the merger of nonprofits AdvancED and Measured Progress, Cognia was formed to bridge the gap between school evaluation and student assessment. We are the largest education improvement organization in the world and an undeniable force for enhancing schools, engaging students, and driving better outcomes for all. Find out more at cognia.org.

EU Business School


EU Business School

Established in 1973, EU Business School (EU) is an international, professionally accredited, high-ranking business school with campuses in Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux and Munich. We provide small, dynamic classes in English, with the best of both North American and European academic curricula. Our pragmatic approach to business education prepares students for a career in today’s rapidly evolving and globalized business world. EU offers foundation, bachelor’s, master’s, MBA and doctoral programs, both on campus and online with business administration, communication, tourism management, international relations, sports management, digital media management, international business, marketing, finance, enterprise and human resources management, among others.

Through our global network of academic partners, students can earn state-recognized degrees on EU campuses with the University of Roehampton in London, the University of Derby in the U.K. and the Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM) in Spain. Partnerships with Pace University in New York, the University of California in Riverside, Fisher College in Boston and Shinawatra University in Bangkok offer students the chance to earn a second qualification while studying in diverse and enriching environments.

EU campuses are located on the Mediterranean coastline, among the Swiss Alps, and in the economic capital of Germany, offering students the opportunity to live in four distinct and enriching environments. Students can transfer between campuses and explore the diversity of Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux and Munich. This provides a great excuse to learn a language and meet a variety of people while experiencing new business-oriented opportunities.

Online Campus
In 2012, EU Business School opened our online campus to keep up with today’s busy schedules and upward corporate mobility trends. Our online campus offers qualifications at both undergraduate and graduate level.

EU’s online programs adapt their onsite counterparts, offering an easy-to-use web platform, acclaimed and experienced lecturers, and on-campus weeks. For a truly integrated student experience, our flexible technology enables participation in live lectures from anywhere in the world. This means that students are able to study at a world-leading business school, regardless of their location.

Contact us for more information
Tel: +34 932 018 171
Email: info.bcn@euruni.edu
Web: www.euruni.edu



Faria Systems


Faria Systems

Faria Systems provides integrated systems to enhance efficiency in international education. Faria Systems is the world's leading provider of software to IB world schools, and offers a fully integrated school management suite: ManageBac for planning, assessment and reporting, OpenApply for admissions & enrollment, and iSAMS, our integration partner, for international school information management. ManageBac, OpenApply and iSAMS provide an integrated cloud-based solution for international schools with a robust core management system linked with two-way data synchronisation and LaunchPad Single-Sing-On. Faria Systems currently serves more than 1,900 leading IB world schools in over 120 countries.

ManageBac is the leading online learning platform for IB world schools and the trusted choice in over 1,900 IB schools worldwide. ManageBac provides coordinators, teachers, students and parents with a more efficient alternative to paper forms, Word documents on shared drives and Excel spreadsheets. It is designed as a turnkey system to support effective implementation and management of the IB programmes. http://managebac.com/

iSAMS is the first management system for schools that is entirely browser-based. Its clever design creates a single database through a suite of portals, to bring together the whole school community. Perfect for everyone involved with the school — from data administrators and staff, to pupils and parents — iSAMS makes all tasks easier. http://www.isams.co.uk/

OpenApply is designed for the modern admissions office. OpenApply helps to streamline and organise your admissions process by eliminating paperwork, improving organisation and providing real-time insight into your applicant pool. It simplifies the admissions process for applicants & families from enquiry to enrolment. http://openapply.com/






More than 2000 schools in 80 countries choose Finalsite’s web marketing and communications platform for its award-winning design, best-in-class web software, and integration with 50+ ed tech partners. We provide an intuitive website management tool, a robust, paperless enrollment solution, a learning management system to enable blended learning and flipped classrooms, and internet marketing services.

Finalsite offers solutions to meet the needs of international schools of any size and have team members across the globe for support. Our products are backed by a team of professionals including award-winning designers, coders, support pros, client success managers, marketers, consultants and more. From our 97% client retention rate to our consistently high ratings in support tickets, our helpful and knowledgeable Support pros have your back — and so does the rest of the Finalsite team!


655 Winding Brook Dr.
Glastonbury, CT 06033

Email: education@Finalsite.com

Phone: 800.592.2469 or +1.860.289.3507

Web: www.finalsite.com



George Mason University


George Mason University

College of Education and Human Development

At George Mason University, we’ve prepared internationally-engaged educators for success for more than 25 years!

Our online and hybrid options include FAST TRAIN graduate programs, which offer international teachers the opportunity to earn a U.S. teacher certificate, licensure, or graduate degree in the following areas: Elementary Education, English as a Second Language, Special Education, or Advanced IB Studies.

Another option for experienced teachers is an online master’s degree in Education Leadership that includes brief summer sessions in Greece, offered in partnership with the American Community School of Athens.

All students enrolled in our graduate programs automatically receive an approximately 45% discount off of George Mason's regular out-of-state (non-Virginia) tuition rate.

George Mason University, located just outside of Washington, D.C. Is Virginia’s largest public research university. The college is fully accredited by NCATE. Contact us to learn more or to apply.

Email: cehd@gmu.edu

FAST TRAIN programs: http://fasttrain.gmu.edu

Education Leadership program: http://cehd.gmu.edu/greece



GL Education


GL Education

GL Education is a leading provider of integrated assessments, stakeholder surveys, self-evaluation systems and professional development services. Our resources and services are used by schools in over 100 countries worldwide, providing teachers with the tools they require to help raise standards in our children’s education.
Our extensive portfolio of print-based and online tests assess children’s progress in literacy, numeracy and ability and identify a range of special educational needs. Today, we lead literacy, numeracy and ability testing in UK schools and have delivered 7 million online tests to children in the UK and abroad, including our popular Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT), Progress in English (PiE), Progress in Maths (PiM) and New Group Reading Test (NGRT) series.
We also develop standardised assessments for other countries, such as the York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension: Australia, which was mapped to the Australian curriculum and standardised on Australian students as part of the largest datacollection project ever undertaken for an individual assessment of reading in the country.
Visit our website for more information and case studies about how our resources are used in international schools.

Address: 9th Floor, 389 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, London W4 4AL
Tel: +44 (0) 208 996 8440/5
Fax: +44 (0) 20 8996 3660
Email: international@gl-education.com
Web: www.gl-education.com 



IB Source


IB Source

IB Source began as a belief that finding ideal resources for your IB classroom should be simple. So for the past ten years IB Source has worked with over 2500 schools across the globe schools towards that single mission: Simplify procurement and increase the choice of IB curriculum-focused resources.

Our aim is to streamline the order process, offer a custom solution to every IB educator and offer the next generation of digital and curated IB content. We work with every teacher to create a perfect title selection for your classroom. We also bring the latest IB resources to your school by hosting over 50 book fairs per year. 

Why use IB Source?


IB Voice:

IB Voice is a custom-built free community where all IB teachers can collaborate, connect, and share the best IB resources. The community offers a collaborative virtual space where IB educators can share best practices, mentor other educators, and see the journey that your fellow IB schools are taking.

Visit www.ibvoice.com to share your voice.

Helping the growing community of IB schools

Tel: +1.312.224.2536
Fax: +1.312.212.5534
Web: www.myibsource.com
Email: aculley@myibsource.com



International Baccalaureate (IB)


International Baccalaureate (IB)

In 2018, the International Baccalaureate (IB) celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Pioneering a movement of international education in 1968, the non-profit foundation now offers four high quality and challenging educational programmes to students aged 3-19 years old. Through a unique curriculum with high academic standards, we champion critical thinking and a flexibility for learning by crossing disciplinary, cultural and national boundaries. The IB currently engages with more than 1.4 million students in over 4,775 schools across 153 countries.

The four programmes include:
The Primary Years Programme (PYP) for students aged three to 12, prepares students to become active, caring, lifelong learners who demonstrate respect for themselves and others and have the capacity to participate in the world around them.

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) for students aged 11 to 16, provides a framework of learning that encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers. The MYP emphasises intellectual challenge, encouraging students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world. In 2016, the IB launched the first ever on screen eAssessment as part of the MYP as an optional final assessment.

The Diploma Programme (DP) for students aged 16 to 19, aims to develop students who have excellent breadth and depth of knowledge and who progress physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.

The Career-related Programme (CP) for students aged 16 to 19, is a framework that incorporates the values of the IB into a unique programme addressing the needs of students engaged in career-related education. The programme blends academic subjects and practical learning and leads to further/higher education, apprenticeships or employment.

The IB is globally renowned for its high standards of teaching, pedagogical leadership and student achievement. IB schools undergo an authorization process before they may offer any programme. To learn about the authorization process, visit Become an IB World School.

Contact the IB for more information.



IE University


IE University

IE University is for students who approach learning as a way of life, and who are open to the world and to the transformative role of higher education. We provide a supportive community where students and faculty interact together in the learning process.

The unique learning environment at IE University is built upon the bringing together of a personalized, student-centric community, within an open environment that embraces a rich diversity of individuals, ideas and approaches. Each year an average of 80 different countries are represented on its campuses in Segovia and Madrid, with over 65% of its students coming from outside of Spain.

With a humanistic approach, entrepreneurial spirit, innovative vision, and focus on academic rigor, IE University is committed to educating professionals and experts who will make a difference in society.

IE University is recognized for its quality in teaching and learning which counts it among the world’s top universities. In addition, its undergraduate programs are recognized by the most prestigious associations in their respective fields.

Email: university@ie.edu
Web: www.ie.edu/university/home/



IFM University


IFM University in Geneva

IFM University is a renowned Business School established since 1971 in the centre of Geneva, Switzerland.

Students may experience living in an international city ranked 1st over the world for best quality of life offered to expatriates. Switzerland is the most innovative, competitive, prosperous and peaceful country in the world.

At IFM, we focus on business education and we provide a transformative educational experience to give you a global perspective. We believe that our business degrees represent an excellent opportunity to achieve your goals and a successful career. IFM offers international programmes taught in English and accredited by a premier accreditation body. Our programmes are taught by renowned professors and industry experts with real-business experience. Our curriculums have been designed with business leaders to give students a competitive edge when they begin their careers. Our unique degrees offer a dynamic approach to business studies based on practice and interaction. Our renovated campus is fully equipped with modern facilities. At IFM, we are a human-size institution, where you receive personalised attention in a friendly and international environment. By completing our business degrees, you will be fully prepared for success at the highest level, in some of the world's most recognised companies.

We offer a range of interesting programmes such as a Business Foundation course, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (MBA). Our degrees in Business Administration, have the following specialisations: Banking & Finance, International Business, Communication & Marketing, Family Business Management, Oil & Gas Trading, and Entrepreneurship.

UNIVERSITY IFM GENEVA Institute of Finance and Management
Tel. +4122 3222580 l Fax.+4122 3222585 35 rue des Bains 1205 Geneva Switzerland www.universityifm.com



Inholland University


Inholland University

Inholland University of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of Bachelor programmes on seven main campuses across the west of The Netherlands (the ‘Randstad’), including English-taught programmes in the fields of International Business Innovation, Media & Entertainment, Tourism and Engineering. Students who study with Inholland enjoy small classrooms and personalised instruction. At the same time, they also benefit from the world-class facilities that larger universities can offer. Inholland welcomes and fully supports a substantial number of international students from across the globe.

“Small-scale, international and practical experience”, are key characteristics of the university.

International Business Innovation Studies is a newly developed 4-year undergraduate degree course for 2014, dedicated to providing the 21st century international business world with agents of innovation who will help businesses to survive and thrive in this age of relentless innovation. The primary focus of the programme is on initiating, designing, managing and executing innovation in all aspects of business on an international scale. The programme is a merge of solid business knowledge, creativity and innovation, combined with a good dose of international and cross-cultural knowledge and skills.  Students will develop skills in discovery (innovation, creative concepts, Imagineering) and delivery (analysis, planning, implementation), and learn how to combine them and apply them in order to not only come up with great ideas (for products, services, business models, ways of doing things within the business), but also implement them in the existing business context. They will be trained in looking beyond the conventional ‘business as usual’, in spotting or creating opportunities, and in truly understanding customer needs.

All non-Dutch diplomas are subject to validation by Inholland's Admissions Office. In principle students of international schools are admissible to the IBIS degree programme if they passed their final exams with a passing grade for English, Business or Economics, and Maths.

Please visit www.inholland.com/ibis for further information.






Founded in 1999, inRESONANCE (iR) is an industry leader for database and website solutions for independent schools. The inRESONANCE mission is to provide best in class innovation and support that empowers dedicated school professionals to transform their productivity. Supporting more than 500 schools in over 35 countries, iR’s database software provides solutions for enrollment, student management, development, and billing. The website division, Schoolyard, allows schools to tell their unique story in a beautiful, affordable, and effective way. iR’s newest product, TAG, is a mobile solution for school attendance, dismissal, extended day activities, and so much more. For more information on all iR product offerings visit inresonance.com.

Address: 32 Industrial Drive Easet Northampton MA 01060 USA
Email: sales@inresonance.com
Phone: +1.413.587.0236
Web: www.inresonance.com



International Baccalaureate


International Baccalaureate

Founded in 1968, the International Baccalaureate® (IB) is a non-profit education foundation offering four highly respected programmes of international education that develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world. IB schools undergo an authorization process before they may offer any IB programme. To learn about the authorization process, visit Become an IB World School.

IB programmes include:
Diploma Programme—The two-year flagship IB programme for students 16-19 years old provides students with exceptional preparation for university admission and performance, with emphasis on independent research, critical inquiry, reflection and a creative service-oriented project.

Career-related Programme—The newest IB programme welcomes 16-19 year-olds to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios in a program of study that can lead students to higher learning, apprenticeship or employment.

Middle Years Programme—Promotes active learning, international mindedness and empathy in students 11-16 years old. Now offering interactive onscreen assessment, the MYP offers students opportunity for certification as well as the ability to pursue meaningful and purposeful lives.

Primary Years Programme—The IB provides early learning for children 3-12 years old. Programme focus is on development of the whole child as an inquirer while providing an excellent foundation for future lives as life-long learners who are caring and respectful.

The IB is known for its high standards of teaching, pedagogical leadership and student achievement. We work with schools, governments and international organizations to help schools implement challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment.

For information about the IB’s achievements, initiatives and future strategy, read our annual review.
Contact the IB for more information.



International University in Geneva


International University in Geneva

The International University in Geneva (IUG) specializes in international business education, media and communication and the international relations and computer science at the undergraduate and graduate level and is one of the top 10 universities in Switzerland. Its location at the center of Europe places students from more than 60 countries at the dynamic hub of international politics and business.

Founded in 1997, the International University in Geneva is known for providing an outstanding learning experience that combines both theoretical and practical learning in a real-world, multicultural environment. The university offers a comprehensive business curriculum that positions students for successful business careers in the modern international workplace.

The university has educated more than 700 alumni who work in over 100 countries. It draws on the wealth of international experience and resources of faculty members, visiting speakers, and researchers, and has 18 exchange programs with 13 universities worldwide. Current student population totals about 300.

The International University in Geneva holds dual accreditation with the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) in the USA.

For further information please visit: www.iun.ch



Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie


Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie

Engineer your future for success: STUDY WITH THE BEST
Mechanical Engineering International – English taught Bachelor Program in Germany

The Carl Benz School of Engineering (CBS) is the Mechanical Engineering College of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany and was founded in 1999. CBS offers an English-taught Mechanical Engineering Program with the final degree Bachelor of Science. The Carl Benz School strives to provide its students with the best education and training to prepare new leaders in engineering, development and production. Specializations are offered, e.g., in Global Production Management, Energy Engineering and Automotive Engineering.

Carl Benz School also offers two Summer Programs, one at the CBS campus in Karlsruhe, Germany and the other at the KIT branch in Suzhou, China. The summer courses are the perfect opportunity for technically inclined high school students between the ages of 16 and 19 to discover the world of engineering.

The unique concept of CBS comprises high-quality lectures by excellent professors of KIT combined with an individualized all-in-one service package, additional courses, as well as a study and career guidance program.

A strong cooperation with industry is essential to Carl Benz School. Thus, CBS established a brand new industry-teaching format for students choosing the major Global Production Management. They get the opportunity to take part in a practical phase at Daimler, Bosch or Carl Zeiss working on smart factory topics, e.g., an innovative product or a smart manufacturing solution with the chance of a subsequent bachelor thesis with the company.

On top of that, Karlsruhe is one of the most dynamic high-tech areas in Europe – not only Daimler but also companies such as Bosch, Siemens, ABB, and Michelin have their production facilities there.

Several rankings declare the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) as leading university in Mechanical Engineering in Germany.

The application deadline is April 30!

Contact details:
Annette Gambach
International Recruitment Manager
+49 (0) 721 608 47867



Kognity - Digital Textbooks for the IB


Kognity - Digital Textbooks for the IB

Kognity is a publisher of digital, intelligent textbooks for the IB Diploma Programme.

Our textbooks improves learning for students and saves time for teachers and we do that by designing a textbook for the 21st Century, thus making the first dramatic improvement of the textbook since Gutenberg invented the printing press over 500 years ago.

How does it work?
Our textbooks have interactive content, intelligence, and help teachers track students strengths and weaknesses to cater to the needs of all students. Students can study using texts, videos and animations, as well as taking practice questions that get automatically corrected and gives direct feedback. Teachers get automatic feedback on the performance of their students making formative assessment faster and easier. With Kognity, teachers can tailor each class after their students’ abilities.

Kognity’s digital textbooks are used in IB schools in more than 50 countries over 6 continents with proven results - 9 out of 10 students think Kognity contributed to increasing their scores. As an example, St. Edward High School in Ohio, USA, increased their average by one point across all the subjects where they were using Kognity.

For further information please visit: www.kognity.com



Leiden University


Leiden University

Leiden University offers top-quality teaching, a broad range of bachelor’s and master’s programmes and personal supervision in a vibrant student city. Leiden University offers a truly international experience with 110 nationalities represented in a unique mosaic of cultures.  In 1575, The Netherlands founded its first university in Leiden. It soon became one of Europe’s leading universities and remains so today. If your students are interested in studying in English at a world-renowned, research-intensive, highly-ranked university, Leiden University is the right choice for them!

The Leiden teaching approach
Our lecturers are academics known for their pioneering research, whose network spans the globe. For 440 years the university has been  educating students from home and abroad to become critical thinkers. Students will learn to ask pertinent questions, listen to diverse points of view, seek answers and engage in a process that often leads to more questions. Most classes and tutorials are small, encouraging interaction between students and the professor. This fosters a personal learning environment and community. All programmes offer flexibility in choosing specialisations and minors related to the interests of our students.  They will learn the art of unravelling and solving complex issues. Our aim is to help them in their personal and academic development so that the world of tomorrow will have the critical thinkers it needs.

Inspiring locations
With campuses in both Leiden and The Hague, Leiden University has much to offer students.
Leiden is traditionally picturesque in addition to being both a safe and global student city. As the
International City of Peace and Justice, The Hague is famous for its intercultural and cosmopolitan

Contact our International Relations Officer for more information:
Carolyn Barr
Phone: +31 71 5277606
Email: c.j.barr@bb.leidenuniv.nl
Website: www.bachelors.leiden.edu


London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF)


London International Youth Science Forum

Founded in 1959, the annual London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) is a two-week residential course hosted by renowned public research university Imperial College London. Its aim is to unite outstanding talent from all nations and provide a deeper insight into science and its applications for the benefit of all mankind.

The event attracts around 500 of the globe’s leading young scientists, aged from 17-21 and visiting from over 65 countries. Along with an active social calendar and a focus on cultural education and forming lasting friendships, the program includes lectures, demonstrations from leading scientists and visits to industrial sites, research centres, scientific institutions, world-class laboratories and universities. LIYSF 2017 runs from 26 July to 9 August, and applications are open until the end of May.

Contact Details:
Website: www.liysf.org.uk
Tel: +44 20 8295 8395
E-mail: info@liysf.org.uk
Director: Richard Myhill - Richard.myhill@liysf.org.uk


Mallory International Ltd


Mallory International Ltd

Mallory International Ltd is an exporter of books and educational materials into international schools across the globe. With over 30 years of experience, we cater for the IGCSE and A-Level,  IB, and even the US text and library book market, as well as supplying PE equipment, science equipment, art and craft materials, technology in the classroom and much much more!  You can consolidate your publisher and supplier orders into one streamlined order with us, while keeping costs low. We have a dedicated team with expertise in all levels of international education, international trade documentation, consolidation shipping and clearing.  We have no minimum order and are a fast and friendly team with very flexible terms.

Mallory International supplies over 70 international schools and over 320 tertiary institutions, with an outstanding reputation for service, low prices, and fast and efficient packing and delivery. From wiggly eyes, to Where’s Wally? to washing machines, we can get if for you!

If you would like to send us a list of books or educational materials to be quoted, or would like to receive an educational material catalogue pack to peruse, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Services we offer:

We are extremely flexible and so can quote/order/pack/deliver/invoice in the way that is best for our customer, so if you have any special requirements please do let us know.

Further information including our brochures and testimonials can be found at: www.malloryint.net

Email: schools@malloryint.co.uk



Pacific Prime


Pacific Prime

Simplifying insurance since 2000

Established in Hong Kong in 2000, Pacific Prime has grown from its humble beginnings to becoming the world's leading employee benefits and school insurance specialist. The brokerage has an international presence with offices spread across 9 major global hubs: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, London, Los Angeles, and Mexico City.

Pacific Prime's team of over 500 staff always endeavour to offer impartial, unrivalled insurance advice to the company's diverse portfolio of corporate and school clients. To date, Pacific Prime has helped deliver solutions to over 150 international and private school campuses, and 4,000 companies worldwide.

As a leading employee benefits and school insurance brokerage, Pacific Prime is an award-winning distributor for the world's most renown insurance companies, such as Bupa Global, Allianz Worldwide Care, Cigna Global Benefits, Aetna, AXA, MSH, and many more. They are also a key partner to the largest educational associations, such as EARCOS, ACAMIS, ISAC, AAIE, etc.

School insurance solutions offered by Pacific Prime

Pacific Prime offers a wide range of school insurance solutions that can be tailored to best match the needs and requirements of your educational institution:

As a full-service broker, Pacific Prime's service doesn't just stop at matching clients with the most optimal solutions. Their teams are also standing by to support clients with claims, renewals, administration, benefits communication, and plan management at no extra cost to the client vs going direct to the insurer. Visit Pacific Prime's website to learn more, or email: schools@pacificprime.com today.

Pamoja Education


Pamoja Education

Pamoja is an education technology company based in Oxford, UK. We provide schools, teachers and students around the world with progressive, flexible solutions that support the implementation of blended learning methodologies. Our offering ranges from content that is accessed via our digital platform, to online courses that are taught by our teachers.

In 2009, we launched the largest International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme online. We now teach thousands of students from hundreds of schools, promoting student responsibility and success whilst supporting schools' blended learning strategies, through our flagship Pamoja Taught courses. Recently, we’ve developed new School Taught courses that enable teachers to flip their classroom, by providing IB-authorised lesson plans, assessment materials and progress monitoring tools via our online platform. Students use the platform to access the content, encouraging new learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

Email: admissions@pamojaeducation.com
Tel: +44 1865 636100
Website: www.pamojaeducation.com



PASCO Scientific


PASCO Scientific

PASCO Scientific, the global leader in science education, transforms the way students learn with award-wining hardware, software, and curriculum for K-16 classrooms. Since 1964, PASCO has been designing, developing, and supporting science education solutions for physics, chemistry, biology, as well as earth and environmental studies. PASCO’s research-based materials engage students as they do hands-on, real-time data collection, visualization, and analysis. PASCO’s team of educators, scientists, researchers, and engineers is committed to advancing and supporting STEM education around the world. Today teachers and students in more than 100 countries use PASCO science solutions.

Find your in-country PASCO Partner here.
Visit: www.pasco.com
Phone: +1-916-462-8360
Email: intlsales@pasco.com






Pearson is the world’s learning company, with expertise in educational courseware and assessment, and a range of teaching and learning services powered by technology. We believe that learning opens up opportunities and is the key to creating fulfilling careers and better lives.

We have a simple mission: to help make a measurable impact on improving people’s lives through learning.

Pearson fulfils its mission through offering a broad range of world-wide recognised qualifications, curriculum support resources, training and professional development, as well as partnerships with educators, schools, parents, and students,Pearson’s international education heritage stretches back over 150 years, with the first University of London school examinations taking place is 1905.

Today, Pearson partners with 6,500 schools, colleges and employers globally to offer qualifications to over 3.4 million students a year.

Many of the international schools and teachers we work with are members of Pearson International Schools Community - an online community platform gathering and connecting educators at international schools around the world.

Our members are passionate, engaged professionals working across all levels of curriculum and school leadership structures, keen to share their knowledge, experience, and best practice.

New members join the community every day, and you can also become part of a vibrant global network of nearly 2000 (and growing!) educators working in the international schools sector.











S+B UK is one of the UK's leading specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of innovative furniture systems for Science, Food Tech and STEM Classrooms.

They have 40 years experience in creating new state of the art educational environments and in turning old fashioned, uninspiring classrooms into fabulous new learning spaces, featuring 21st century design, inspiring laboratories, food technology rooms and STEM suites.

The sustained growth in their contemporary designs together with their international experience and exceptional overseas sales has enabled them to win the Queen's Award for Enterprise. This award is the UK's highest accolade for business success with winners selected by the Prime Minister's office and approved by Her Majesty the Queen.

S+B can work with you to provide the ideas, design and consultancy free of charge. This no obligation service can include CAD layouts and 3D renderings, allowing you to view the solution before commitment to manufacture and installation.

Increasingly schools are recognising the need to widen the appeal of STEM subjects to a much larger number of students than would otherwise be the case. A key to attracting more students to science and ultimately in helping them realise the enormous opportunities that a STEM based education can provide is in changing perceptions from that of old fashioned, boring subjects to that of something which is contemporary and has relevance in today`s high tech world.

As specialist educational furniture manufacturers and interior space planners, S+B can help science and technology-based subjects compete with other subjects, through innovative and contemporary design. They can help change attitudes towards science so that students are more receptive to the truly exciting and creative possibilities which the subject offers.




SEG, Swiss Education Group


SEG, Swiss Education Group

The Hospitality Industry is growing rapidly around the world – investing in the right education offers you a great future, says the Swiss Education Group.

With the hospitality industry one of world’s largest employers, accounting for one in every eleven jobs in 2013 (UNWTO) there are hundreds of exciting career opportunities for suitably trained professionals.

Switzerland has a long tradition of hospitality education and is considered to be the birth-place of the modern hospitality tradition. Today, these traditions continue and graduates of the Swiss system are highly respected for their ability to function and take charge in the competitive, international hospitality environment.

Jennifer Lombard Knight, a graduate of one of the Swiss Hotel Management School, knows the excitement of an international career in the hospitality industry, currently working with the Intercontinental Group in Doha. Jennifer, was recently named Young Hotelier of the Year in the Middle East and says that, “the hospitality industry is like no other. It will allow you to experience every aspect of what makes a business successful from HR to operations to sales.”

The five schools, which form the Swiss Education Group, SEG, prepare students for leading roles in the hospitality industry through intensive programmes, which combine academic study with practical experience. As a part of their studies, students are required to complete periods of internship, which allow them to gain valuable experience in their chosen field.
“I did my first internship at Claridges in London and it was a phenomenal experience in such an iconic property and with such high service expectations,” says Euan Cunningham, a second year student from the UK.

The Swiss Education Group fosters close relationships with many of the world’s leading hospitality companies including, Hyatt, Hilton, Four Seasons, Accor, Kempinski, Marriot, Ritz Carlton, Intercontinental and the Mandarin Oriental, who visit Switzerland in order to employ graduating students.

So if you are dreaming of an exciting, international career, visit www.swisseducation.com and discover how to make your dream a reality.



The American University of Paris


The American University of Paris

Chartered as a liberal arts college in 1962, The American University of Paris is today an urban, independent, international university located at the meeting point of France, Europe, and the world. The University provides an academic learning experience in the heart of Paris that places your personal, intellectual, and professional development at its core. You can choose from over 25 undergraduate majors and four core fields of graduate study, all taught in English.

AUP students are those that choose to live and learn internationally. They bring to the classroom their diverse cultural backgrounds, languages and perspectives, and the sense of adventure to become part of a global learning community outside of their own nationality and experience. In this multi-cultural context, AUP provides you with a strong academic foundation that supports critical thinking and practical application, and enables you to become a translator of culture with the capacity to analyze, adapt, and thrive in any environment.

Our faculty, themselves hailing from around the world, help you to cross intellectual, cultural and geographic borders with ease, enabling you to be a responsible actor and leader in today’s competitive work environment. The University provides a curriculum that combines liberal arts inquiry, preparation for professional life, and student-centered, active learning in small classrooms. Professors lead study trips around the world to apply classroom learning to actual economies, social systems, governments and organizations. This integrated curriculum allows our graduates to go anywhere, meet anyone, do anything, and achieve success in a range of compelling careers.

To learn more, please visit our website www.aup.edu

Contact Us
Email: admissions@aup.edu
Phone: +33 (0)1 40 62 07 20
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AUP.Main
Instagram: www.instagram.com/aupadmissions



The University of Melbourne


The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne has been an international leader in research, teaching and learning for more than 150 years. Students from over 150 countries choose to study at the University of Melbourne, because of the quality of teaching, learning and research.

The University’s recent number one ranking in Australia by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2013-2014 and the 2013 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) reaffirmed its position as a world-class institution and the leading higher education provider in Australia.

Graduates are highly sought after by employers from across the world, and the University was ranked number ten in the world for the employability of graduates by the QS World University Rankings 2013-2014.

Why choose Melbourne?

Forecast results
The University welcomes applications from international schools, and have approved the use of forecast results for selecting international students from select schools offering the International Baccalaureate or GCE A Levels.

Dedicated resource for international schools
We know it’s important for school counsellors and teachers from schools outside Australia to access information about the University, which is why we have developed a tailored online resource to ensure you stay up to date.




Tilburg University


Tilburg University

Tilburg University was founded in 1927 as a business school, which has since developed into a university actively contributing to society with a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility. Our institution specializes in the fields of Economics, Business Administration, Humanities, Social Sciences, Data Science, Law and Technology while living up to its motto: Understanding Society. The strong research-based education combined with a focus on building an international community makes Tilburg University a leading academic institution in its field, right in the heart of Europe.

Located in the South of the Netherlands within close proximity of Eindhoven Airport, Tilburg is easy to reach. Together with Eindhoven University, Tilburg University is at the heart of the fastest growing economic region of the Netherlands. Tilburg is the sixth largest city in the Netherlands with 220.000 inhabitants, and has a vibrant student community. The university has 13.050 students, who come from the Netherlands and more than 100 other countries worldwide.

Our Programs
Tilburg University offers more and more Bachelor's programs fully taught in English each year. All our programs are three years in length and offer the opportunity to take part in honors programs or an international exchange.

Tilburg University offers the following English-taught Bachelor’s programs:


Contact details:
Recruitment & communications
Anne Kuijs, Nadia van Strien, Diahann Brown, Frederike Meister, Anca Costea
+31(0)13 466 2000




The University of Warwic


The University of Warwick

Centre for Applied Linguistics, the University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is ranked among the top 10 universities in the UK, and the top 100 in the world. This, together with an outstanding employer reputation both nationally and internationally – Warwick is the most targeted university by the UK’s top 100 graduate employers – means students in our Centre for Applied Linguistics are ideally placed to prepare for the global workplace.

Our range of undergraduate courses provides students with a thorough grounding in areas of language and linguistics. Our BA Language, Culture and Communication course, for example allows students to explore the interconnections between these areas. It’s the study of language with a twist.

Our students come from many different study backgrounds and countries, giving you first-hand experience of the challenges and rewards of working and communicating with people from other cultures. This diversity, coupled with internationally-renowned, expert teaching, will ensure a solid foundation for your next steps into work or postgraduate study.

Our flexible programmes allow you to follow your interests through a range of optional modules as your degree develops, giving you a taste of future career options. All our courses also include the opportunity to spend a year abroad, enabling you to take advantage of some of the Centre’s strategic partnerships and relationships in Australia, China and various countries in Europe.

A number of studies of global employability have shown that employers look for employees who not only have technical knowledge, but who are also culturally aware and able to thrive in a global work environment. Our degrees nurture these qualities, giving students a competitive advantage in the graduate employment market.

For further information about our courses, visit https://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/al/study/ba/.



Università Bocconi


Università Bocconi

Università Bocconi was founded in 1902 and is one of Europe’s leading universities. It is located in the center of Milan, Italy’s commercial, financial and fashion capital.

Its high placement in the most influential international rankings puts Bocconi at the forefront of international education and among the best universities in the world for social sciences.

In addition to the traditional areas of economics, management and finance, Bocconi is also at the crossroads of several subjects contributing to government policy-making. This is why a new Bachelor in International Politics and Government will be offered starting in 2015-2016. A similar Master of Science Program dealing with Government and International Organizations is also available.

Bright and motivated students, willing to embark in a challenging and rewarding learning experience, can choose from several study programs:

Bocconi partners with 230 universities worldwide for study abroad opportunities, while the number of companies that offer internships and job opportunities to Bocconi students and graduates is expanding globally thanks to a network of more than 60,000 alumni worldwide.

Università Bocconi provides talented students – from Italy, Europe and the rest of the world – with a truly international education that leads to academic opportunities in leading institutions and superior access to the job market across the globe.

Contact Info

Università Bocconi
Student Affairs Division
Guidance and Recruitment Office - International Services
Piazza A. Sraffa, 11
20136 Milano

Phone: +39 02.5836.5930

Email: undergraduate.services@unibocconi.it (for high school students)
graduate.services@unibocconi.it (for university students)

Website: www.unibocconi.eu/undergraduate (Bachelor Programs)
www.unibocconi.eu/graduate (Master of Science Programs)



University of Bath


Department of Education, University of Bath

The University of Bath has an excellent reputation for research and teaching in international education. The Department of Education is a thriving academic community focused on furthering understanding of learning, culture, leadership, language, policy and diversity within an educational context.

At postgraduate level, our MA Education and Doctor of Education (EdD) students are located around the globe and are supported by our educational experts at Bath, in a stimulating and challenging learning community.

These flexible part-time courses offer different study pathways so you will be able to develop your specific areas of interest. Study for the MA may also be linked to the International Baccalaureate Educator Certificates, leading to further qualifications for those with IB teaching experience.

Also offered are the full-time and part-time PhD in Education, and three full-time one year master’s degrees:

At undergraduate level, the BA (Hons) Education with Psychology course explores how young children and adolescents learn and develop both in contemporary British society and across the world. It is offered as a three year course or four years including a placement year.

For further information please visit www.bath.ac.uk/education



University of Pretoria


University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria (UP) is one of Africa’s leading higher education institutions. The University’s 2025 strategic plan charts a course for the UP to deliver on its vision of becoming a leading research‐intensive university in Africa, recognised internationally for its quality, relevance and impact, and also for developing people, creating knowledge and making a difference locally and globally. More than 61577 students from South Africa and further afield enrol at the UP each year.

The University has nine faculties, including the Veterinary Science Faculty on the Onderstepoort Campus, the only one of its kind in South Africa that is responsible for ground-breaking research and clinical work. The University also has a business school, the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). The University of Pretoria offers 1781 academic programmes, which lead to 230 different qualifications. Furthermore, the University has established institutes, centres and units to enhance its research output. It also offers academic service learning programmes that benefit students, staff and a number of communities.

The University of Pretoria's International Students Division will ensure that your interaction with the University of Pretoria is a positive experience. With over 4500 international students at the University of Pretoria, you are embarking on an exciting academic journey.

For further information please visit www.up.ac.za





VU University Amsterdam

Unique Bachelor Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) in Amsterdam

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) in Amsterdam is a unique 3-year Bachelor’s degree programme at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam that that will prepare you for future leadership positions in business, politics, academia, and beyond.

Multidisciplinary study and international classroom

This selective international bachelor, PPE offers a thorough introduction to philosophy, political science and economics and teaches you to combine the insights and results from these disciplines. Throughout the year you will get guest lecturers by international renowned scholars and leaders from the world of economics and politics, learning how to write policy briefings among other skills. PPE provides you with the necessary knowledge and tools to be a leader in the 21st century!

International embedding and social community

PPE is a small scale and intensive programme, offering exchange opportunities at international partner institutions and unique extracurricular initiatives involving representatives. Last year, twenty of our PPE students participated in the PPE Spring School in Mumbai. During the week students attended lectures and lived and worked together with Indian students.

Furthermore, the programme is embedded in John Stuart Mill College, with its own housing on the VU campus. Become part of our active intellectual and social community!

Come and study PPE in Amsterdam!

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is an excellent choice if you are interested in completing a bachelor in PPE abroad. You will benefit from the personal atmosphere and easy access to university, while remaining close to the vibrant city heart of Amsterdam.

Application deadline: 14 February (early bird applicants – admission decision within 2 weeks); 1 April 2019 (non-EEA students) / 1 May 2019 (EEA students)

For more information about the programme please click here.





Wilkes University

Wilkes University is an independent institution of higher education dedicated to academic and intellectual excellence through mentoring in the liberal arts, sciences and professional programs. Founded in 1933 in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Wilkes is on a mission to create one of the great small universities, offering all of the programs, activities and opportunities of a large, research university in the intimate, caring and mentoring environment of a small, liberal arts college. The Economist named Wilkes 25th in the nation for the value of its education for graduates.

Wilkes University’s Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership attracts students from around the globe and is designed specifically for international teachers, principals and school heads who want to improve education for culturally diverse students. The concentration in Instructional Leadership is built around educational theory, research, technology and leadership practice to help educators advance in the international environment.

The program’s convenient low-residency format blends online learning with face-to-face class sessions in Dubai, allowing students to collaborate with peers and professors in person and online. Students benefit from mentoring and personal attention from experienced international school educators and university faculty who can apply concepts to a global education setting.

In addition to the doctor of education, Wilkes offers more than two dozen master’s degrees and certificate programs to education professionals around the world, and 42 bachelor’s degree programs. The campus is located in northeast Pennsylvania, approximately two hours from Philadelphia and New York City.

To learn more about Wilkes University’s Ed.D., visit www.wilkes.edu/eddinternational or contact Stephanie Wasmanski at +1-570-408-5535 or stephanie.wasmanski@wilkes.edu.



World Academy of Sport


World Academy of Sport

What is an Athlete Friendly Education Centre?

Student-athletes are required to make a variety of choices on their journey to national and international competition.  The World Academy of Sport (WAoS) is committed to assisting athletes on this journey through working with all those involved in their education  to understand the unique need’s that must be balanced by student-athletes. As such the WAoS has developed a criteria in cooperation with organisations including the International Olympic Committee and the International Baccalaureate for schools and universities to be recognised as an Athlete Friendly Education Centre (AFEC). Providing schools worldwide recognition and the opportunity to connect with the international world of sport, its purpose is to assist schools meet the unique needs of its high performing student-athletes.

Who is the World Academy of Sport?

The World Academy of Sport (WAoS) develops and delivers learning programmes for sport and event participants from athletes through to coaches, officials, administrators and managers by developing a series of education programmes tailored to their needs and time commitment constraints.  Through world leading experts and academics the WAoS provides the best possible industry accredited programmes fulfilling a vital need within this evolving and increasingly international sector. Organisations who partner with and benefit from the WAoS programmes include the International Olympic Committee (IOC), International Paralympic Committee and their respective organising committees, International Federations, National Federations, National Governments, schools and universities.

For more information, please see our website, www.worldacademysport.com or email, Anne Louise Williams, awilliams@worldacademysport.com